Become an Introducing Broker


Whether you are a financial service provider such as FCMs, broker, a bank or individual advisor like CTAs and IFAs, service providers for technology, or a training centre for the financial markets,..etc , ICA would find it pleasant to work with you in strategizing and designing an investment program suitable to your clients' needs and objectives.

A.Introducing Broker list

Our Introducing Brokers include:

  • Foreign Banks
  • Insurance companies 
  • Brokerage firms
  • Stock brokers, financial planners and advisers
  • Attorneys, accountants or similar professionals with access to a wealthy client base
  • Asset management or alternative investment companies
  • Real estate investment companies
  • Individuals with access to high-net worth investors
  • Websites and blogs

B. Application Procedure

Below is a brief overview of our procedure to become an Introducing Broker with Investment Capital Advisors LLC:

  • Request a copy of the disclosure documents, read them carefully.
  • Fill out the Introducing Broker Questionnaire. It would help us to identify your goals, and to evaluate your business.
  • Sign the IB agreement with ICA, and provide us with a copy of your passport, and a proof of address.
  • Sign the Referring Party agreement with one of our partner clearing firms/FCMs