IB Terms and Conditions


A.IB Risk Disclosure

The IB undertakes to advice all customers of and to expressly draw their attention to the speculative nature of the transactions defined herein and to the potential risk to the customer’s financial situation by referring risk disclosure and principal risk factors.

B.IB Intervention

 Please be aware that the ICA MAP, and its principals, do not allow Introducing Brokers or Clients to intervene in trading, the direction of a trade or the leverage used. ICA Map principals may communicate with their clients on a daily basis to keep transparency levels high but will not ever allow IBs or clients to influence the decision making process.

 C.IB Charging

ICA does not accept any kind of charging on the client’s account by the IB, such mark ups or commissions.

IB’s fees are paid by ICA and not by clients. Whether or not clients are referred to ICA by Introducing Brokers, all fees and costs are equivalent.

 D.IB Eligibility

IB must introduce and maintain at least 2 (two) clients with an aggregate minimum deposit of $20,000, in order to be qualified for the IB compensation.

 E.IB Introduced Client

The IB introducing client refers to all clients that have written the IB’s name in the Investor Questionnaire or on the cover sheet of the ICA Management Agreement. The IB introduced Client does not include any ICA clients accessed or introduced by any other method.

F.IB Remuneration

The remuneration of the IBwill be directly related to the activities and performance of the accounts introduced by the IB.
The remuneration shall be calculated and paid out to the IB by the 20 working day of each month.

G.Tracking Performance

All accounts held at FCMs have total transparency. IBs have 24/7 access to their accounts through read only access to their accounts either through an online report viewer or the trading platform. They can view the account, including balance, equity, closed positions, pending orders, open positions, net profits, and losses in a real time, but they will not be able to place any trades.

 H.Safety of Funds

The Brokerage Firm in which funds are held is regulated by NFA (National Futures Association), CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) in USA, FSA (Financial Services Authority) in UK, FINMA (Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority) in Switzerland, BDL (Bank of Lebanon) in Lebanon, BAFIN (The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) in Germany, or CYSEC(Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission).

The regulations set forth by these agencies are designed to help ensure the safety of the clients’ deposits.

Brokerage firms are required to meet strict financial standards, including capital adequacy requirements. They are required to submit financial reports to the Regulator on a regular basis to show that they have more than enough funds to meet their liabilities in time. For more information about the regulations and rules have been issued by the above regulatory bodies, check the below websites:

www.nfa.futures.org                                                           www.finma.ch
www.cftc.gov                                                                        www.bdl.gov.lb
www.fsa.gov.uk                                                                  www.bafin.de
www.fscs.org.uk                                                                 www.cysec.gov.cy