Our Team


 ICA Trading Team

ohamad Gharib, CTO. 
As a Chief Trading Officer, Mohamad’s duties are to execute the Trading Strategy; by making sure that the mechanical trading system and the automated risk management models are executed properly. Mohamad is also the head of the ICA Economical Laboratory, and the developer of the ICA trading system, Market and Operational Risk Management Models, in addition to the Stress Testing Methodology. Mohamad has 10 years of experience in trading and portfolio management. Mohamad holds a Bachelor degree in Banking and Finance along with accredited certifications and international designations.


Sebastian Seiler, MD. As a Mananging Director,  Sebastian’s duties are to formulate short and long term investment policies, and construct individually customized portfolios based on client criteria: tolerance for risk, investment time horizon, target rate of return, and liquidity. Sebastian holds a Master degree in Financial Planning CFP (Certfified Financial Planner).


Naoya Kubota, MD. As a Mananging Director, Naoya’s duties are to develop and maintain an effective ‎marketing and public relations strategy to promote the products, services and image ‎of the company in the wider cummunicty, Naoya is also representing the company in ‎negotiations with customers and other key contacts to secure the most effective ‎contract terms for the company.‎

Abed El Aziz Wahidi, CMA. As a Chief Market Analyst, Abed’s duties are to study the market charts identifying the existing of our tradable pattern. Abed is also responsible for determining the trigger and price projection of each trade. Abed has 7 years of experience in trading and analysis. Abed holds a Bachelor degree in civil engineering.

Hussein Al-Moussawi, CRO.‎As a Chief Risk Officer, Hussein’s duties are to identify, monitor, and measure the ‎risk of the portfolio. Hussein is also responsible for executing the automated risk and ‎trade management software which controls trades' risk and leverage; it also sets the ‎optimal stop loss with the allowed leverage automatically. Hussein holds a Master ‎Degree in computer sciences.‎

Hassan Daoud, IT. As an IT Hasan’s duties are to develop, enhance, modify and maintain ICA applications as well as individual components in a heterogeneous technology environment using knowledge of object-oriented programming and programming languages. Hasan holds a TS degree in Management Information System (MIS).

Mona Omeiry, CCO. As a Chief Compliance Officer, Mona’s duties are to oversee and manage compliance issues; to ensure that the company is complying with regulatory requirements as well as to ensure that the company’s internal policies and procedures are being followed. Mona holds a law license, and is a member of bar association.



Delta Group is a Sworn Auditor at the Lebanese Juridical Courts, and a member of the Lebanese Association of Certified Public Accountants. Delta Group acts as an external auditor of Investment Capital Advisors LLC.


Outsourced Professional Services

Investment Capital Advisors LLC has built strong relationships with Swiss Regulated Asset Managers who share the responsibility on investment process with ICA.

Our Asset Managers Partners acts as an outsourced chief investment officers; their role includes:

a. Integrated Monitoring and Advising

Oversee and advise multidisciplinary and multifunctional team of professionals who are responsible on designing, developing and managing investment strategy, to create superior investment return for clients.

b. Customized Portfolio Solution

Formulate short and long term investment policies, and construct individually customized portfolios based on client criteria: tolerance for risk, investment time horizon, target rate of return, and liquidity.

c. Ongoing Relationship

Develop and maintain ongoing professional relationships between investors and money manager, this is accomplished by staying in consistent contact with the investors and money managers, to make sure that investors are never surprised by anything in their portfolios.

d. Money Manager Due Diligence

Due diligence is processed by conducting qualitative and quantitative analyses of money manager, which may include: manager interviews, documentation reviews, evaluating the methodology, adherence to stated methodology, past performance, performance among peers, and performance relative to assumed risk such as the Sharpe ratio, Alpha, Beta, and Standard Deviation.

e. Performance Reporting and Analysis

Provide customized performance reports to our clients on a monthly basis, and measuring the performance on a risk-adjusted basis along with the general theoretical underpinnings of Modern Portfolio Theory.