Terms and Conditions


A.Minimum Investment

ICA accepts trading accounts of at least $10,000, although it reserves the right to increase or decrease this minimum.

B.Client Intervention

 Please be aware that the ICA MAP, and its principals, do not allow a client to intervene in trading, the direction of a trade or the leverage used. ICA Map principals may communicate with their clients on a daily basis to keep transparency levels high but will not ever allow clients to influence the decision making process.

 C.Additions to or Partial Withdrawals from the Account

Client may add funds to his account at any time. Partial withdrawals also may be initiated at any time with a request written from Client to ICA.

ICA reserves the right to terminate the account should withdrawals reduce the Account size to a level below ICA’s then-current minimum requirements.

 D.Terminating the Agreement

No special arrangements are made for terminating this agreement, client may terminate this agreement at any time, if a client revokes the LPOA, open positions should be immediately closed by the FCM.

 E.New Account and Trade Allocation

New Accredited Investors are being accepted in the form of individual accounts that are mapped into the companies PAMM account. The ICA MAP is not a registered financial advisor, and as such it can only trade an off-exchange (OTC) market like the Forex Market via a LPOA (limited power-of-attorney) and never hold clients’ funds.

 ICA Managed Accounts (ICA MAP) trades are executed through the partner FCM(s) online multi-account platforms, on a percentage allocation basis. The platform allows all accounts to be managed as if they were pooled, while avoiding the additional work involved with operating, managing and accounting for a pool. Individual accounts are linked to a ‘master account’ and aggregate funds are traded as a single unit. The proper percentage of leverage, profit, commission, interest and loss is passed onto the individual account based on the percentage it represents of the total funds managed.

This process also adds an additional level of safety to the client; all funds are kept in the clients name and are typically available 24/7 for withdrawal.

When new accounts are added to the portfolio they are traded as soon as funds are mapped in and desirable trades are available.