Principal Risk Factors


Forex Markets

Trading Forex involves a relatively HIGH DEGREE OF RISK compared to other types of investments.

Before investing in Forex, a prospective client should consult his/her financial advisor(s) to inform them fully on Forex trading and to determine if Forex is suitable for their investment needs.

Forex trading involves many risks. The client should review this section and the entire Disclosure Document and become familiar with some of the more significant risks.

Trading is Speculative and Volatile

Currency prices are highly volatile. Price movements for currencies are influenced by, among other things: changing supply-demand relationships; trade, fiscal, monetary, exchange control programs and policies of governments; United States and foreign political and economic events and policies; changes in national and international interest rates and inflation; currency devaluation; and sentiment of the market place. None of these factors can be controlled by any individual advisor and no assurance can be given

That ICA MAP’s account management services will result in profitable trades for any customer or that a customer will not incur losses. Account leverage magnifies the impact of currency volatility on margin requirements of open positions.


Forex Trading is leveraged

Any event which adversely affects the value of an investment would be magnified to the extent leverage employed, and will result in greater losses as gains.


Potential Illiquidity of Forex Market

Forex positions cannot always be liquidated at the desired price. This can occur when the market is “thinly traded” (i.e., a relatively small volume of buy and sell orders).


Reliance on the ICA MAP and its Principals

No assurance can be given that the techniques and strategies of the ICA MAP will be profitable in the future, or that the services offered will be available to you in the future. The specific details of the MAP trading approach are proprietary; consequently, you will not be able to determine the details of it. And changes to the approach can be done at anytime without prior consultation.


FCM & Broker Stability

No assurance can be given regarding the stability or credibility (past, present or future) of the chosen broker. If the client is unsure as to whether or not they are comfortable putting their funds with a specific broker (FCM), the client needs to conduct additional due diligence. ICA will not be held responsible for any actions, omissions, errors or misconduct, conducted by a broker that has any affect on a clients account(s), negative or otherwise. The client assumes all responsibility when they place their funds with a specific FCM and should carefully consider the broker before doing so.


Acknowledgment of receipt or disclosure document

This brief statement cannot disclose all of the risks and other significant aspects of the foreign exchange markets. Therefore, you should carefully review the disclosures contained in both the Broker’s trading agreement and in the limited power of attorney (LPOA) to determine whether such investment is appropriate for you in light of your particular financial condition.