About us


Investment Capital Advisors LLC is built by a group of traders, financial analysts, and programmers. ICA is registered at the “commercial register” in Baabda, under No.2015068, and at” Lebanese Republic Ministry of Finance” under No.1905239.

Investment Capital Advisors LLC has three departments:

a. Economical Laboratory Department: is an experimental economical laboratory which aims to develop ideal trading systems and risk management models; by conducting researches and experimental methodologies which is concerned with the transfer of experimental results to the design of ideal Trading Strategy.

The Laboratory has developed Trading System, Market and Operational Risk Management Models, and Stress Testing Model with their applications.


b. Trading Department: is a team of Traders, Analysts, Risk Managers, whose aim is to execute the ICA Trading Strategy, the Trading Department works in conjunction with outsourced asset management companies, who act as external chief investment officers.


c. Risk Management Department: We give the risk managers the authority to make decisions, full control of trading operations, and a superior power over portfolio management than the traders and managers themselves.

Our risk managers have responsibility for identifying all risk aspects, ensuring that the required practices and systems are in place to identify, monitor and manage risk.