ICA Managed Accounts Program




Program Features:

Trading Market: Our program is mainly invested into Foreign Exchange Market.

Portfolio Customization: We customize client risk profiles,to meeteach client’s needs and objectives relatively to his risk tolerance.

Portfolio Ownership: The investor's funds are in the client's own name at the Bank.
Segregated accounts in Swiss private banks are available.

Portfolio Safety: The bank or the brokerage firm in which funds are held is regulated.
No one can withdraw funds other than the client.
The trader or the account manager only has a "Limited Power of Attorney" on the account.

Two Levels of Risk Management: Internal Risk Management (CRO) & Automated Risk Management.

Complete Transparency: Clients have 24 hours seven days a week direct access to their account.

Instant Liquidity: Clients can make withdrawals and deposits at any time they wish.

Trading Methodology: Our strategy is a combination of sophisticated Automated Risk Management Model, Automated Trade Management Model, and High Probability Mechanical Trading System.

Institutional management: "two-boss" matrix management organization structure. It represents a solution for team-based discipline trading.

Super risk-adjusted return: we deliver superior annualized risk-adjusted performance (Sharp Ratio, Alpha, Beta), which is uncorrelated to market and outperforms benchmarks, and CTA indices.

Investment Managers:

Trading System & Risk Model Developer:  Investment Capital Advisors LLC
Investment Manager: Seneca Invest AG (Switzerland), Atvantis Capital Management AG (Liechtenstein)
Auditor: Delta Group
Prime Brokerage: Swiss Quote Bank (Switzerland), Citi Bank (UK), FXCC (Cyprus), Gain Capital (UK).

Investment Terms:

Management Fee: 2% ( 0.16% monthly)
Performance Fee: 25% monthly (high water mark)


Liquidation: Daily