Become an Investor


ICA MAP target client base

ICA MAP primary clients are both institutional and individual investors, those with the same time horizons and expectation who feel comfortable with our investment style and find solace in our supporting philosophy.

Yet, we understand that we may not be the right partner for every investor.

While our expectations are high, market fluctuations may cause disappointing results from time to time.  Hence, Investment may not be suitable for investors who cannot tolerate occasional adversity, for that same reason that we are very selective in approving our clients.

If you like what we stand for and what we do, kindly complete the Prospective Investor Questionnaire, and Find Your Risk Tolerance Test, in order to help us identify your objectives and risk tolerance. Your feedback will allow us make sure there’s a good fit between your objectives and our program.

Account Opening Procedure

ICA accepts trading accounts of at least $10,000, although it reserves the right to increase or decrease this minimum.

Below is a brief overview of our procedure to become a client with ICA Managed Accounts Program:

  • Request a copy of the disclosure documents. Read them carefully before you invest.
  • Fill out the rospective Investor Questionnaire. It would help us to identify your goals, and to evaluate your risk tolerance level.
  • Fill out client profile application, and provide us with a copy of your passport.
  • Sign the Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) and the ICA Management Agreement.
  • Open a trading account with one of our partners (contact us for more information)